In the past few days I spent time migrating the blog from Ghost to Jekyll.

The theme builds off Type Theme, and is heavily inspired by Otoro, the New York Times, and the Rosenrot. The annals-like frontpage takes cue from Paul Graham’s essays and Cosma Shalizi’s notebooks.

Top: Old frontpage. Bottom: New frontpage.

Hooray for math! (using KaTeX)

Hooray for code snippets! (taken from Edward)

def set_seed(x):
  """Set seed for both NumPy and TensorFlow.

  x : int, float

Hooray for bibliographies! … Okay I don’t quite have that one set up yet. But it’s doable!

The blog’s permalinks are the same. The RSS feed is the same.

Why the change?

I liked Ghost, having migrated from Wordpress and with the impression of a sleeker and more modern content management system (CMS). But CMS’ have always been a bother for me because I could never understand the internals. It would always be a reliance on plugins in order to accomplish things. Even with Ghost some things were too automagical and hidden to the user.

Time to go even more bare-bones with a static site generator. All code and content for this blog is available.

Here’s to hoping the redesign motivates me to write more often!