I’m at NIPS 2017. Please catch me or e-mail me if you’d like to chat about research! I can also describe my experience in the Bayesflow team at Google—TensorFlow meets Bayes which is led by Rif Saurous and partially Kevin Murphy—as well as David Blei’s group at Columbia. Both are always looking for excellent researchers as postdocs, research scientists, and interns.

As advertisement, we’re fortunate to have two posters at the main conference:

At workshops, I’ll also be presenting three talks and two posters:

The NIPS approximate inference workshop will be quite a bit of fun this Friday @ Seaside Ballroom. Join us!

Finally, if you’d like to talk about current research, I’m very excited to talk about the workshop papers and our recent probabilistic programming work: TensorFlow Distributions, and a coming book chapter on deep probabilistic programming with Vikash Mansinghka.

See you at the conference.